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you sold me for parts horizontal print

17”W x11”H art print, hand numbered 1-500, printed on thick premium paper - limited qty, available while supplies last.

vampire lyrics come to life in limited edition prints of hand-drawn art by artist @Metskiie, commissioned by Olivia herself.

drawings of her progressing through the relationship

“you sold me for parts as you sunk your teeth into me”

from the illustrator: The art piece reflects the effects of an unhealthy dynamic as it progresses over the course of a relationship. In the beginning stages, the observer witnesses her in a euphoric honeymoon phase, where everything seems to fit perfectly, and life appears rosy. She is in the white dress with a flourishing few roses to cling onto and life is stable. However, as the dynamic shifts, the pieces don’t seem to fit and she falls still, holding onto the rosy days that were once perceived as perfect. It is only when she can be seen finally letting go, and letting go of the roses, that she acknowledges the abuse and exploitation that occurred as the abuser "sold her for parts" and sunk their teeth into her, that she can begin the process of repairing the open wounds that remain.