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i’ve made some real big mistakes vertical print

17”H x11”W art print, hand numbered 1-500, printed on thick premium paper - limited qty, available while supplies last.

vampire lyrics come to life in limited edition prints of hand-drawn art by artist @Metskiie, commissioned by Olivia herself.

single portrait of her with flowers

“i’ve made some real big mistakes but you make the worst one look fine”

from the illustrator: The art piece represents the lyrics that express the turmoil of the beginning stages of being in a toxic relationship. The scatter of fallen roses symbolizes the many mistakes that can be made under the rose-coloured lens of these types of relationships, and the lone standing flower resonates in the lyric, "you make the worst one look fine." This is because it is normal to fall victim to the recognition one might receive from their toxic counterpart in these circumstances as these choices are justified as “fine." These mistakes are plainly scattered and can be easily pointed out by an outside viewer, as most signs of toxic relationships tend to be, but she continues to reach for another rose anyway. Every person might follow this pattern differently and whether it is a toxic friendship or relationship, we might need to pick 100 roses before we can recognize the love we truly deserve.